Friday, May 20, 2011

The aliens are invading!

Hello again,
   I am posting some little projects that I made using some of the materials I got from the scrap buster swap. My boys helped me make a door stop.
Today I made some little handles for their flash lights with the remaining fabric.
Fun stuff! You can find the scrap party here.Scrap buster challenge


  1. Connie, Those are soo very cute! My son would love a handle for his flashlights or his binoculars. And goodness knows I have scraps ;-)

  2. So cute Connie!
    Wish my son had a handle on his flashlight when he was little. He was always losing it and misplacing it....of course with the switch ON so the batteries ran down!
    Maybe if I had thought to add a handle we would have saved many a battery!