Thursday, May 5, 2011

The dress takes shape.

After finishing my dress yesterday and realizing that it didn't fit right I called my friend. I had a hunch that she would be the perfect fit.  I desperately wanted to see if it fit anyone the way it was supposed to.  I had two of my sisters try it on and finally Alicia. I was so excited to see that my dress had met it's match.
Here is Alicia.

She is posing like the women on the pattern cover.
I just think she looks so cute!

I have tried on the dress as well for you, so that we can see my progress in the future.
As you can see I need to alter the pattern .

Hopefully my new found treasure that I bought today will help.
Isn't this the coolest little book. It was copyrighted in 1960, perfect for the kind of dresses I want to try.

Thank you for all your words of encouragement. Is there anything that you have been scared to do? Well if there is, don't be scared remember. "A life lived in fear is a life half lived". That was from the movie "Strictly Ballroom". If you haven't seen that movie go out and get it. Thank you for stopping by.


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  2. First off, Sorry about the mistake comment above. Second, I think you look way cuter than me.

  3. I think it looks perfect on you. I really do!