Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award.

Alright! My friend Deanna over at Its just me sent me this...
That was very nice of her! She has an awesome blog! I think my favorite thing about her blog is all the signs she makes and she tells you how to do them! She is very good at responding to comments too. Do you ever write a comment and wonder if someone ever reads it? Well I do anyway,but Deanna takes the time to come see what you are all about. There is something to be said about that.

               Well about the award,Deanna sums it all up really well over on her blog so I am just going to copy the rules from her.
A Versatile Blogger is one who.........
Provides variety in his or her posts  2) Entertains, informs, inspires and intrigues readers  3) Continues to grow as a blogger
So the rules are simple in receiving this award.
Rule 1)
Thank the Blogger who awarded you this great honor 
and make sure others can get to his or her site!
Rule 2) List 7 to 10 secrets about yourself
Rule 3)
Award this to 10 - 15 worthy bloggers!
Okay I can do this. 
 Thank you Deanna over at It's just me
Here are some juicy secrets
                    #1 I do not own my own socks, I wear my husbands.
                      #2 I am the worst person to see a movie with because I will analyze everything! ( Not such a secret though)
                         #3 I sing to myself more than I listen to real music.
                       #4 Thinking of my children growing up and being exposed to this world scares me to death!
                   #5 I get more excited over hand me down clothes than I do over new ones.
                    #6 I want to live in a little tree house like Winnie the pooh.
                    #7 I think I could eat homemade soup every other day.
                 #8 My husband still makes me blush.

Fun stuff I know, but enough about me. I am passing this award onto these talented ladies. Go have a look at their fun blogs.
    1) Suze from Time well spent
2)Cherie from Dragon fliez creations 
3) Juli from A hen and her chicks
4)Trina from A love to Create
5)Suzette and sarah from Chameleon girls
6)Rachel from With love by Rach
7) Krista from While he was napping
8)April from Cup of delight
9) Erika from Erika with a K
10) Tammy from Type A

 I hope everyone has a jolly day and thank you for stopping by!


  1. Thanks so much for the award Connie! I am honored!

  2. Thank you Connie!

    Email me I have a question and can't find your email address

  3. Thank you Connie! It was very sweet of you to think of me.

  4. Connie, you are so deserving of this award. I LOVED your fun facts : )

  5. Connie, how did you get the church button, I want one for my blog?

  6. Darn!! I totally forgot about this!! So sorry I didn't repost it!! Thanks for the award!!