Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to make a " Rag Quilt"

Hello my friends,
 Today I will be showing you how to make a rag quilt. I made this about 2 months ago so I am not sure how detailed I will get. I have made about three rag quilts and I love them! The best thing about these are that they are not very complicated,but they do take some time and energy. I learned how to do this from "You Tube".

This is a flannel blanket,but you could also use cotton or denim etc. If you use cotton you will need to buy flannel or fleece for the middle sections of the blanket.

Step #1 
               Today we will be making a toddler sized blanket. 
I bought about 1/2 yard of each printed  flannel and another 1/2 yard each of the blue and orange flannel. For the back I bought 1 1/2 yards of each dark blue and light blue flannel. Optional: For the middle I got about 2 1/2 to 3 yards fleece. You do not need to have a middle section if you are using flannel,but if you want a middle you can use the fleece or more flannel. 

Step #2 
      Cut your squares to 6"x6" , here is how I cut mine.
Step #3
   Once all your squares are cut, lay out the fabrics that will be your quilt top on the floor. You will do this so that you can map out the pattern just right.
   I made mine 9 squares across and 12 squares down.This is an example of how I started to lay it out and then I went in and filled in the rest of the pattern just rotating the squares. (Take a picture of your pattern so you don't forget.)
Step #4
         Now it is time to layer your squares.
 I used my dark blue on the back of all my printed fabrics and then I used light blue on the back of all my solid fabrics. I did this so that when the quilt was finished the back would have a nice consistent pattern, like this.  (If you are adding fleece or flannel to the middle,now is the time to do it)  
 Step #5
   Sew each block to keep the squares together. You can sew whatever design you want in the middle. The fancier you get, the more time consuming it is,but you can do it.
You will usually see rag quilts with big a x through the middle like this.
  I have done this with a couple of quilts,but I thought this time it would be fun to change it up a bit. I did stars and they are super easy, how did I do it,like this.
 I traced the cookie cutter with a chalk pencil and then strait stitched around the design with my sewing machine.

  Step #6
        Now that you have all your squares sewn,  you will pin and sew the squares to each other by following the pattern you made before. Sew about a 1" seem so that there is room to cut the fringes. I also pinned a paper on the first left box of each row with a number on it so I could keep track of  the order it went in.
 Sew one row at a time, until you have all 12 rows.

 Step #7 
Now you will attach the rows together.
 Here is how I match up the lines.

Your rows should match up like this before you sew them together.

Step #8
 After you have sewn all 12 rows together you will need to sew a 1" seam around the entire blanket. Then you will begin cutting the fringe
 Make sure not to cut through your stitch. (This is just an example of how you will cut) The more cuts you make, the more fringe you will get.

Step# 9 
     Now that you have sewn your entire blanket, machine wash it with an extra spin cycle and then machine dry. You are done! to see my other rag quilts go What to do with old jeans
  If you have any scraps left you can use them to make a burp cloth !

  * Do you have a rag quilt that you would like to share with everyone? I will gladly feature you.

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  1. I have been wanting to make Prince A a toddle quilt ( he is getting too big for his baby quilt), I am going to try to make this one and will let you know when I do:)

  2. Great tutorial, Connie. I love the star quilting that you did... super cool!

  3. Great job Connie! Looks like a lot of work went into that! Maybe one day I'll try to take on a project like that!

  4. I have a quick question, why did you purchase 2 yards total for the front, but 3 for the back?? I'm planning on making a toddler quilt this weekend and trying to figure out how much fabric to purchase.

  5. Good question Katy! I made this a couple months ago so I couldn't remember the exact amount of fabric I bought. You should be fine with two yards in front and two on the back. I like to get extra fabric in case I mess up or in case I want to make a matching burp cloth.I hope this helps.

  6. This is such a darling quilt! I love it! Thanks for the tutorial! I am just starting my first quilt! I will totally have to try this!

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