Monday, April 18, 2011

What to do with old pants/ Rag quilt

Hello my dear friends,
  Sorry I have not posted this week ,we were at Disneyland! Oh I had so much fun! Now all I can think about is that song that says " Back to life,back to reality" Reality has definitely sunken in. My four year old vomited at church yesterday and my 1 year old did this morning at 2am :) Fun stuff! Any sane person would think I am nuts sitting here and blogging when I have so much to do. But being that I am insane most of the time it is alright and I need an outlet ;)  So lets have some fun,no more blah blahing for now.
    I thought I would dedicate this week to projects I have done or want to do using old pants. Today I am going to show you my first ever denim project.  A denim rag quilt. These are not super complicated to make,but they are really time consuming.

This is what we call our "family blanket"
I can not tell you how many pairs of pants I used,but it was a butt load. Get it,pants, butts..never mind. That was kind of crude sorry.
I love this fabric I got at,they also have bible and scout prints too that are sooo cute.
My family really enjoys this blanket because it is very durable and colorful.
This next blanket is a baby blanket that I did using the left over jean squares. ( Yes I cut out way too many the first time.)

The bottom of the blanket is the blue and black.
 I got this fabric at Joanns when all the clearance fabric was 50% off. You just can't beat that right?
Well hey, thanks for stopping by. If you have any denim ideas you would like to share, pass em along I would love to see!
Have a fabulous day!
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  1. My daughters use to make purses out of their old jeans. I have seen clutches, rosettes, hair accessories, you name it.
    Mostly I use old jeans to patch up other jeans.