Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jungle baby shower

My good friend Milena was so kind to give me a baby shower last week. I just wanted to post some pictures of her beautiful creations.
Her husband cut the wood for the cup cake stand and she wrapped the wood in a jungle theme. She also added a Giant C on top because I am going to name my baby boy Collin.I thought this was so clever because she can reuse these blocks for future parties.
We agreed that a dessert bar would be best for a Thursday evening shower. I am glad we did because it was a-lot less clean up.  Look at her popcorn horns. Aren't they cute!
She wrapped vines around her light fixtures, I thought that was cute.
So finally here is the last picture I will post. Milena is on the left and I am on the right. This was the only picture that was remotely alright to post of me. I am due on March first and my face is looking pretty swelly  so the rest of the pics will remain in my possession.
Thank you so much Milena and for all who came!