Friday, March 25, 2011

Bonjour Butterfly!

I have noticed a-lot of sadness in the world lately,so I wanted to bring you some sunshine!  My husband was reading Bonjour Butterfly the other day to my baby girl, it was so cute that I wanted to dedicate this post to my little butterflies. I hope it they lift your spirits.
I  bought all these butterflies at Joannes about 4 years ago,but they were plain wood and they said home sweet home. Boring! So I spruced them up a bit.

I painted all the butterflies above. The butterflies in the next few pictures were done with decoupage medium along with scrap book paper and googly eyes.

Now how is this going to lift your spirits? Well stay tuned and in the next couple of days I will announce my Bonjour Butterfly giveaway! Which ones do you like more? Paper or paint?


  1. Hi Connie, I got your e-mail. Feel free to link up!!

  2. I love these butterflies...especially the painted ones. You're a good artist! Great blog as well :)

  3. these are lovely! new follower here ^^)

  4. sorry couldn't find an email for you, i gave the shorts to Donnie, but I just found 9 shirts that are in great condition, all 5/6 and 6. they are yours if you want them. just email me with your address. thanks!

  5. love them! I love the detail of the painted ones. See Connie I told you that you are an AMAZING artist!

  6. Hi Connie!
    I love all of them. Especially the ones with the cute smiley faces!
    I love googley eyes. When my mom was going through depression, I bought my daughter a pack of them and we secretly added them to my mom's things in her apartment.
    We added huge eyes to the bottom of her sweeper so it looked like she had a facr on the floor gobbling up all the dirt, we added it to a light switch so the actual switch button became the nose, etc etc etc. We left that day and didn't tell her all the little things we did.
    She called often for days and weeks later giggling when she would find these little faces.
    It was great, I had not heard nor seen her laugh in weeks.
    My daughter loved it too.
    Great post!

  7. Hi there nice to 'meet' you, I found you via a blog link up party and had to pop on over and say hi. These are fab - you are really clever! I followed your blog, you can find me at Jane:)

  8. hiya following from craft couture x what beautiful , funny sweet butterfiles and they made me smile x tfs and hope to see you at mine sometime

  9. Very cute! Thanks for linking up to Craft Couture Monday!