Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Easy blanket tutorial

I am sure many of you have made these blankets before,but I am doing this tutorial for those that are just starting off in the sewing world. These little blankets are really nice and they will give you a little confidence  to try new sewing projects in the future.                       lets get started

Materials list
2 pieces flannel fabric (for baby blanket 1yard of each print) (for kids blanket 1 1/2 yard of each)
cutting mat
Rotary cutter

# Fold one piece fabric in half with salvages matching.
Cut a strait line on each side side of fabric

Cut off salvage if it has a label on it like mine. (The salvage is the side that they didn't cut at the fabric store)
Repeat the step with you next piece.
Now sandwich your two pieces together with the print sides facing each other.
If there is a little fabric sticking out the side, just cut along the strait line.

( My baby was not next to me when I cut this)
Now that all your sides are trimmed,start pinning the two pieces together. (Make sure to do this right after you have lined them up,do not lift the fabric until they are pinned.)
Now sew the two pieces together. Sew around all four edges,but leave a gap open one side.

I went in about half an inch. Even though you have pinned your fabric,it will still tend to wander,so keep the fabric together with your fingers.
After you have sew all you pieces you will need to trim the raw edges.
I left the edges around my open a little wider.

I then ironed the opening edges on both top and bottom.
After you have ironed your gap ,turn the blanket inside out. Now you will sew all around the outside edges.
Now it's time to iron around all the edges ,before you do you last bit of sewing.
Try to sew as close to the edge as you can.
Your done!

Here it is! I usually do just a solid piece of fabric on the top,but we didn't have enough fabric for the top so my son picked out some scrap pieces I had.
Yours may look more like one of these. The bottom blanket in this photo was sew with a serger ,but if you sew it that way it will separate later. I don't recommend it.
Please let me know if you have any questions.


  1. That is an awesome little boys blanket! Nice and big. You need to share this Wow Us Wednesday :-).

  2. Hey! Just answering your question on the dress to size for 2T. I would print the 2 pattern pieces for the bodice and sleeve, and try adding 2" to all the sides, except the fold edge. If you have a 2T cap sleeve shirt that fits her well, it would probably be good to compare to see if the sleeves look about right before cutting out fabric and make any adjustments you need to. As for the length of the skirt, I'd just use a dress that fits well to get the length, and for the width of the rectangle, you can just measure the circumference around your 2T dress. Hope this helps and good luck, let me know if you have any other questions