Tuesday, March 8, 2011

From brass to class

Here I am again with another project! I saw this idea when I was visiting http://fancyfrugallife.blogspot.com/2011/02/tiffany-co-inspired-hutch.html. I love her blog! In fact I am probably irritating her with all my comments and trying out her projects.;) She had made the prettiest display by spray painting old plates and objects white. I thought this was a great idea,so I tried it out!
I love silver, but this little set was brass and falling apart. I figured if I didn't like it,I could just get rid of it. I like it I think. Keep in mind my camera is not super duper.


If you are interested in doing this,here are some of the supplies I used. I did apply a clear high gloss spray for the finishing touch. I just do not have a picture of it.

Here is my set of real cream ware.
                                  I have got to run,it is clean up before the hubby comes home time.


  1. Hi Connie!

    This is such a great idea! How many times have I passed up a really great piece of silver bc it had too much of the silver-plate worn off? I could have SPRAYED them!
    Up-cycling at it's best!

    And I can relate... cleaning up and sometimes showering last minute before my hubbie walks through the door! Too bad he isn't married to June Cleaver... she would have pumps and pearls on, dinner on the table, and a martini for HIM in her hand, right!?
    (Usually a paint brush in mine.)

  2. Those look awsome!! And btw I am totally flattered by your comments on my blog! Yeah someone likes it! lol :)

  3. These look awesome. What a clever girl you are!! You much have inherited your awesomeness from your mother...hehe!