Thursday, June 9, 2011

Seven days frugal

Hello my friends,
    Today I am proud to say that I have officially not spent any money on myself this week. I even went to Joanns and didn't buy a single thing. It could be that I am super frugal, but I think it was mainly because I had my three children with me and they were making a bit of a scene. Whatever the reason, it was a blessing in disguise.I am amazed at all the fun things I have been able to do with the items I have already. Free is always best right?

  Well lets have a looky at some fun FREE and easy projects that I have done here.
#1   Pillow covers!I think everyone in blog land has made these,but this was my first time. They are so fun and easy! I bought these blues pillows at a thrift store a couple months ago. I covered them with the remaining fabric that I used on my window valances.

I know my pictures on the wall are way too high,but my sweetheart doesn't want our kids to destroy the treasures he got on his mission.

#2 Distressing ink
I had this little wall hanging for a couple years,but I decided to give it a new home in the family room and  a new look.
I just used distressing ink around the edges because it was a little too pretty.
Here is what they looked like before

Here is the after
#3 I covered my boxes with leftover valance fabric.
#5 More covering up!
I got a little crazy with the distressing ink,but I didn't like the way it looked on my mats.
So I covered them up with the same fabric as the boxes.
I am really happy with the result!

You can tell I didn't do as well with the bottom one since it was my first attempt,but I don't care.
I also found an art print that I had forgot about behind a photograph. II thought that only happened in dreams!We don't have the fanciest things,but it feels a-lot cozier and that is all I really want.
 Thank you for visiting me today. 
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  1. very cute connie. Love the pillow covers.

  2. Those are some awesome projects...I LOVE them all :)

    PS. I have a giveaway going on, please come check it out!

  3. You should be proud of yourself. EVerything looks it cost money!!!!
    I love the pillow and the matte.

  4. i love these, what an awesome project!!