Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tea Time!

Helloooo lovely friends,
  Today I am going to show you my newest addition to my little girls room. I call it her "tea corner". 
My wonderful friend gave my daughter this beautiful table set for her birthday. She also gave me a princess sign that I have now painted for the tea corner. Here is the sign now. I wanted something fun and whimsical.
Here is what it started out as.
It is hard to see because that is exactly how it looked and it was printed upside down. The hooks were on the bottom hahaha.
Here is her "Tea corner" with her new furniture. This corner is hidden behind her crib so it feels like a little room.
This is a close up of the beautiful chair from the set. I did not paint this!
Isn't it so cute?

This was a really fun project and the sign was pretty much free to do. I am going to party now with these wonderful ladies over at:
Weekend Wander
Weekend Warrior
Terrific under 10 Tuesdays
Debbie doo Newbie Party
Craft couture
20 Below Thursdays 
Come join the fun!
If you like this post stay for awhile and have a look around.


  1. Love this little tea corner...Way cute!

  2. Very cute indeed..thanks for sharing at my newbie party.

  3. This is such a precious spot for tea parties! Love what you did to the upside down frame. lol. I hope you don't find this tacky, but I wanted to invite you to a party I'll be having. I'm a new blogger, like yourself, and wanted to host a party where we could all share our summer projects. It's not for another 8 days, so you still have time. You are welcome to join. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects. :) Amanda

  4. What a cute tea sign! Your little girl will have so many fun tea parties with her dollies!! We have had family tea parties with my niece for several years in a row... (I know I have some pictures of it on the tea party page at the top of my blog) She's getting to be a big girl now... 7th grade. Wonder how much longer before having tea parties with your Aunt's is no longer a cool thing to do?

  5. Oh my goodness! That is too cute! Great job!