Friday, January 27, 2012

Mock Samoa cookies

I know what you are thinking "Yikes I can't believe she is posting a picture of these cookies". Well there is a
method to my madness. Believe it or not , the chocolate was not crackly yesterday and they are very tasty!
   Anyway,so I was looking for a yummy recipe for my baby shower this week and I came across this wonderful "Samoa cookies" one here at Once upon a plate recipes.
Look how gorgeous hers look!
Alright so mine are a bit embarrassing! Anyway everything was going just great with the first cookie layer,I thought I had this in the bag. That was until the dreaded caramel topping ahhhhhhhhhh. I followed the recipe and I think I am just a bit slow because the mixture I made was so thick that it would not even stick to my cookie. It was not only thick,but it solidified like a rock! I tried to chew through it and I felt like my teeth were going to fall out. I wanted to throw the whole darn bowl across the room,but then that wouldn't be to lady like would it?
    Well,I had some luck on my side yesterday,I happened to buy a second bag of caramels. GOOD THING!
Instead of melting them all at once,I decided to put in about 5-7 pieces at a time in the microwave and I added a bit of water. I then I added a small amount of the toasted coconut to the mixture and it worked out a-lot easier for me. I think now I might even try making them again. Now as for the crackly chocolate on top,I think I will use Wilton melting chocolates instead of semi-sweet chocolate chips next time.
  Now I am not trying to bag on the recipe,it probably worked out very well for Mari over at "once upon a plate",and I am so very happy that she shared her recipe because I will try it again in the future.I am just keeping it real with my experience.
   It is all rather funny really.

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