Thursday, September 1, 2011

Big Bear ca attractions day 2

Do you like carved bears that smell fresh of varnish and pine? Well I do ,and did I find bear heaven! It is called Kirby's custom carving. This is an outdoor store located in Big Bear ca on big Bear blvd. My Husband and I made this our last trip before heading home. I said I just wanted to have a "looksy".
Ahhh,this place is incredible! Of course I could kick myself for not taking more pictures! I wanted to adopt every bear there and the moose! I love this piece we are sitting on in this picture in particular. Perhaps one day I will be able to afford something like this. A little FYI though don't sit on the wood,(I got sap all over my butt).  I did however get to take home one little sweetie. Meet "sugar bear".
She was so precious I had to have her and we got such a deal! If you are in big bear don't buy the bears in the shops at the village. Go straight to Kirby's for a real bargain and get a bigger bear! I love my sugar bear,she makes me so happy. Look at her little smile.
I hope you like her too. Have a joyous day !
I am going to head on over to
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  1. I love these big wood bears. They remind me of the Northwoods of Wisconsin where we vacation!
    That is some talent.... to be able to carve with a saw!