Saturday, July 16, 2011

First stained glass

Hello friends,
 The project I am going to share with you today has me up in a whirl wind. Do you remember this window from my unfinished projects pile?
Well I cleaned it all up and painted it yellow..,but I hated so I painted over the yellow with red, black and brown acrylic paint. 
I painted and then smeared the paint off with a paper towel. I did this about 4-5 times on each side.
I then sanded the edges and splattered black and yellow paint randomly around the frame. Here is the end result to the frame.

The result wasn't bad so I moved onto the window area. I wanted a stained glass look. I drew a little pattern using wrapping paper, taped it on the back of the window and then traced over it with Gallery Glass leading.
After I traced it all, I let it dry, before I painted. Now was the painting part. I only bought the little bottles of the gallery glass so I couldn't just use select colors. I had to use them all so that I wouldn't run out of color. I discovered that it if I painted the color on with a fan brush and did a consist stroke design it wasn't so bad. I had to be very careful because if I added too much paint I would have a problem with bubbles.
The middle was the easiest and most enjoyable part of this project. I used the Gallery glass "Crystal clear" and just swirled it around to get the textured look. After it was all dry I put it up and alas I didn't like it. So I cut an umbrella design out of vinyl and stuck it to the back of my window.
I think it looks better,but I still don't like it. In fact it makes me sick every time I walk past it.
There is a good ending to this story though because the paint is REMOVABLE! I like this painting project idea,but I am going to be changing this when I can find exactly what I really want. It was a good learning experience.  Any ideas? I want a cozy feel and should I painted the frame cream or something?
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  1. I'm sorry you went through all this and still don\t like the result,, it really is lovely.Maybe you could go to a stain glass site online and get some ideas from there on what you would like,, then the color of the frame will just come to you,, it is lovely though,

  2. Hi Connie!
    I think it looks nice! I used to use these stained glass products on mirrors and windows when I was in college. The purple blue iris was my sorority's flower so I would make gifts for my sisters and my own room!
    What are you not happy with?
    You could paint the frame.... I would like that!

    Thanks for sharing! I am not always happy when I finish a project either. Always tweaking thinfgs later!

  3. I always tell myself that I can't learn anything from success....I fail a lot. :) I actually like the color of the frame a great deal. I've worked with this stained glass product myself and was only ever pleased with one project. Google images of stained glass and see if there isn't something you like. Or maybe look at etsy to see stained glass projects for ideas. I'm your newest follower.

  4. I LOVE gallery glass!! Oh my heck! I haven't thought of it in years!!
    2 houses ago, I used it on a window, or 4!! And made some glass pieces for gifts then too!! That was before they made the pre-made leading!!
    How fun!! Your piece came out gorgeous!! I absolutely love it!!!!!
    And, just saying, we used to go up state to the lake each year, and they had one of those old tyme photography shoppes. We would go, and they would give us the clothes and props and print out our picture in a sepia tone!! THAT was our family picture each year!!!
    SO you can take pictures like that!! You just have to find the right place!! And when we went, because it was tourist season and stuff, they were so cheap!!! awesome!

  5. I don't know what you are talking about, I think it looks awesome. What a clever girl you are. Maybe just replace the umbrella the rest of it looks great!

  6. Good Morning. I saw this post last night and slept on it before I offered any advice. My friends and I have made several of these. Mostly with quilt blocks in them. I love the frame. But the colors don't look right in the glass. You have already been told where to look for designs. But also look at the color compsitions. I think you have just used to many colors. And maybe if you used the triangles on the sides instead of the squares. When you search online look for "free stained glass patterns". There are tons of them out there. Try adding some of the flat back stones. The ones used in flower vases. If you wanted some bling you could by the flat back gems. If you settle on specific colors I would highly recomend not using a brush but use it thick. If you store it tip down you will have less bubbles. squeeze a little out first so any bubbles will come out first. Do not shake the bottle!! The bubbles are hard to get rid of completely. Use a toothpick or straight pin to either pop them or drag them the side. You may want to go with either the crystal colors or milky. I have printed out color pictures of what I thought I would like and taped it to the back of the glass. Live with it a few days and see if you like it. Does it make you happy when you see it? If you walk into the room and think EWWW!! it's time to try another one. LOL Try geometrics, flowers, art deco. The paper is easy and cheaper to change out. You might go oon a stained glass supply website and look at some of the "stuff" they have to add texture and interest to the finished window and then look for similar things at your local craft store tht are cheaper but serve the same purpose. If you have a stained glass store nearby maybe go and check out the colors of the glass to get an idea of colors that will look nice together before you invest in the paint. I always figure looking is free. You can also buy precut stained glass in flowers or such. perhaps use something precut on top of the glass and then use the paint around it.
    I hope some of this helpful.


  7. While I was blog surfing today I came across this tute. It looks more econimical that using the glass paint. Might try it myself.

    Sorry this comes under anon. For some reason it won't let me post under log ins.

  8. That Tutorial Suzy did is very cool. I actually follow her already. She is amazing! Thank you for all the wonderful helpful comments. I already removed the paint two days ago and now I am going to try again.

  9. Connie. Me agaian. I was blog hoping again today and came across these embroidery designs for hand work. They look simple enough to work well with gallery glass


  10. That frame color is so rich and beautiful! Looks just like a dark wood! Don't paint it creme... leave it be. :) Thank you for posting to my Newbie Summer Link Party. There are 4 days left, so you are welcome to post more! :D

  11. I think it's beautiful, and I'm so sorry you went through such a long process, only to not like it. Love the frame! It's just gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you do next with it. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm hosting my monthly Before Blogging Throwback Thursdays party, and would love for you to link up anything you made/did/bought Before Blogging. Can't wait to see what you bring to the party.