Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Creating something new

 You have to admit I have been in a little slump these days. I seem to have the black thumb for creating lately,but that is OKAY because you know what,it just is.So there you go. I WILL PERSEVERE!
I am putting some of my old projects on hold and  I am going to start a new/old project. Is this a good idea? Of course because I am going to do it anyway.
So look what I get to work on.
What is that? A door? NO it is part of an old cabinet that my friend had in her kitchen. She got to get new pretty cabinets...I got all the junk leftovers,but I wanted them! When I say them, I mean that I have a-lot more pieces in my garage. This is just the tip of the ice berg.

I am planning on hanging this in my dining room, my wall is pretty sparse because as my husband would say "I think too much" I can not decide what I want,and I have limited resources. Here is the wall of my dining room.

See my sad little window, that has been relocated, to where? I don't know,but I will find a place.  
Just thinking about another project right now,kind of makes me sick,so wish me luck. 
If you would like to see what this turns into stay tuned,unless I ruin it and it ends up in the trash.


  1. Very cool, I think it will look great in that space!! Clarice

  2. What a cool piece! I can't wait to see where you put it. I usually put things up too quickly and wind up having a ton of holes in my wall. :)

  3. I would so be all over that cabinet door!.. Re:comment on my royal window...I used acrylic paint.