Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Joyous signs

Hello there I am back. Remember me.....
    The hard drive on our computer went down and so etc etc. No need to explain. Now here we are just days away from Christmas and what do I have to show from it besides a couple pounds? I have finally finished these little Christmas signs today.

Let me back up, I tried to paint these signs yesterday while I was yelling at my kids, my heart was racing and I was not in the right "aura" at the moment .I didn't stop painting though no,no I kept messing up and I was thinking that if I just did one more layer of paint then I would fix my issues. It didn't work and I hated the signs and myself so I went to bed a little sad. Hahaha isn't that dumb.
Here is what they looked like yesterday.
I think the most ironic part about this, is that I was painting words like Peace and Cheer when really I was feeling RAGE and FRUSTRATION!
Anyway I didn't want to  paint over these misfits again so I got out my mod podge and my "Cricut "machine. I got the machine last Christmas and I have only used it a handful of times. I don't my husband to think I am ungrateful and that I don' t love nice presents so now I can show him that I really do love his gifts.
These turned out really sparkly,but I couldn't get a good enough picture you will just have to visualize the glitter in your head.
I am hanging these signs up on my Polka dot cabinet doors that I posted a couple weeks back.
 So what is the words of warning here? If  at first you don't succeed,dust yourself and try again.
And don't paint when you are mad.
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