Thursday, October 13, 2011

A little Frenchy

  I have not posted anything real "crafty" lately.Not because I don't want to ,but more because these rickety pregnant bones of mine don't always agree with me. I managed to paint this yesterday though and it was really  fun!

Two days ago my friend threw down a little challenge for me ,she wanted me to paint a plastic window that she was having a hard time with. 
This is what it looked like two days ago.

She had painted a high gloss latex paint over the plastic which I think actually helped cover all the swirly plastic designs.But because it was so glossy I went over the whole thing with two coats of primer first.

Then I drew my main shapes on a paper and cut them out. I then used them as sort of a stencil. Have a look. To get the middle stencil I folded my paper and cut it out snowflake style,It made it so much easier.

She wanted a faux , frenchy looking bathroom piece. She showed me a-lot of examples of the colors and styles from the website
There are tons of cool prints on that website!I think I will be visiting there more often for further inspiration.
Anyway I made sure to use a top coat over the whole window since it will be exposed to a-lot of steam in her bathroom.
Lets have another looky and the finished project.
Now she can sit in the loo and pretend she is in Paris.
I am going to go over to these parties today .


  1. This is beautiful Connie, perfectly frenchy! I love the tubs and the colors are so pretty.

  2. Hey Connie, this is simply adorable. Nice work!
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD